The giant orthocone is the largest animal of the ordovician period, and would have been the top predator in its environment. It has eight tentacles lined with smooth pads instead of suction cups, a razor-sharp beak, and a long hard shell to protect its body.

Giant Orhtocone

Scientific Name:



"Chambered Horn"


33 Feet


525 Pounds

Where It Lived:

New Jersey

When It Lived:

450,000,000 Years Ago

Behavior Edit

Although related to modern day cephalopods (squid and octopi), the giant orthocone actually couldn't see very well. Its eyes didn't have lenses. They were just holes that let in light, just like a kodak camera. Because if this, they where apdapted to when its nice and dark. Luckily, they had a very good sense of smell. To catch their prey, they would just slowly hover over the reef until they smelled something appetizing. Then they grab their prey with their tentacle and pass it to their beaks where its crushed into bite-sized pieces.
Giant Orthocone